impak Finance, a community of aligned values

The impact economy is growing fast. The World Economic Forum estimates that it could reach a market size of between US $ 400 billion and US $ 1 trillion by 2020.

impak Finance’s human centred thinking puts people first in the creation of the impact economy. This impact economy is built on organizations sharing values of Social Purpose, Ecological Concern, Economic Efficiency and Inclusive Governance.

We support organizations of all kinds that have a clear and affirmed INTENTIONALITY to address a social and/or environmental issue, through their products, practices, and profits.

impak Coin: What if your money was designed to create social impact?

impak Finance launches impak Coin, the first stable cryptocurrency designed to support the growth of the impact economy. By design, impak Coin will build loyalty, reward collaboration and encourage its holders to buy from accredited members.

An impak scorecard that shows your social impact
Get support from the Community, more Sales and Capital from values aligned investors
Using MPKs will give you rewards and grow the impact economy!
An independant governance body sets the MPK price quarterly
Find qualified impact projects to buy with values and collaborate by location and interest
Observe trends, find qualified impact organisations, deal flows and co-investing opportunities

Together, everyone supports the growth of the impact economy

impak Finance is building an ecosystem to bring citizens, businesses, and investors together, both digitally ( and face-face, to grow an economy built on social values.

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With impak Coin, living an impact day is
almost within your grasp

By using impak Coin you can have meaningful purchasing habits and support businesses. For each impak Coin transaction you get an MPK reward and the business doesn’t have to pay transaction fees. At the end of the day: The impact economy grows because of your support

Whether you are a bakery owner or planning a vacation trip, what would an impak day be like? businesses

impak Finance presents:

Jus Loop

impak Finance presents:

Centre for social innovation

impak Finance presents:

Téo Taxi

We got their support too.

impak Finance presents:

Caroline Dhavernas

impak Finance presents:

Georges Laraque

Introducing impak Coin. The first cryptocurrency coded to grow the impact economy

impak Coin (MPK) combines the advantages and functionalities of complementary currencies, recognition programs, and new decentralized digital currencies. MPK’s objective is to encourage and reward user’s participation.

You will be able to use impak Coins to:

Buy products and services from accredited companies on

Peer to Peer (P2P) payments.

Earn interest by supporting impact entrepreneurs through microlending, crowdlending, and P2P lending relationships.

Convert to national currencies for a minimal fee.

Get rewarded for:

Downloading the mobile app.

Inviting your contacts to

Helping businesses who request support.

Using national currency or impak Coin to buy a product or service from a business.

Investing in the impak Fund.

Purchasing impak Coins.


No strangers (issuing banks, merchant banks, gateways, etc.)


With MPK, transactions take a few seconds vs 10-40 min for Bitcoin vs 4-7 days for credit card.


Every impak Coin transaction is free.


Several thousand times more energy efficient than Bitcoin.


Digital keys are held by the MPK governance body to reduce risks for the users.


MPK governance body ensures price stability.


Invest in projects you care about within impak ecosystem.


impak Coin supply is tied to the growth of the impact economy.

The team fueling the project

Paul Allard

President and Chief Ecosystem Officer

Audrey-Anne Chartray

Campaign Coordinator

Eddy Hugues Hodonou

Mobile Alchemist

François Le Bel

Impact Capital Builder

Samuel Bedard-Venne

Data Druid

Tima Gros

Chief Happiness Officer

Jean Oulhen

Banking Ecosystem Architect

Pierre-Etienne Vachon

Banking Experience Catalyst

Adrien Caranta

Fulltime Multi-Tasking Ninja

Thomas Lagorce

User Advocate

Corinne Roy

Human Resources and Administration Director

Hugo Caron

Designer and Art Director

Philippe Gablain

Experience Maker

Sonia Howa

Product Maven Vocalist

Eamon Leonard

Community Architect

Boris Couteaux

Corporate Relationship Catalyst

Kosta Kostic

Senior Legal Consel

Armen Ouzounian

Banking Ecosystem Architect

Pascal Leblanc

Blockchain Architect

Stéphane Dumont

Chief Story-Doing Officer

Adrian Girault

Impak Criteria Analyst

Eve Montpetit

Network Igniter

Jean-François Pelland

Senior Legal Consel

Morgan Aubert

Back-End Jedi

Derin Cag

Galactic ambassador